Dairy Free White Russian Recipe

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Dairy Free White Russian | Vodka and coffee liqueur swirled with dairy-free cream, served on the rocks. Sweet, creamy, coffee-flavoured, and entirely vegan, what’s not to love about this timeless holiday cocktail? This vegan white Russian recipe will complete your holiday season.

Dairy free white Russian on a wooden board.

This creamy vegan white russian is the perfect cocktail for the holiday season, whether it be holiday parties, cookie decorating contests, or snuggling up to watch your favourite movies. It requires only 3 simple ingredients. Vodka, coffee liqueur, and plant-based cream.

This is my favourite cocktail and go to choice, it’s a sweet creamy cocktail and its easy peasy!

A classic white Russian cocktail may be the most easy cocktail ever, it’s effortlessly delicious, made from vodka and coffee liqueur served on the rocks and swirled with heavy cream, or in this case, vegan cream. The drink is usually served in a rocks glass, also known as a whiskey glass.

If you follow a vegan diet, this is the ideal drink for you. This vegan white russian is a next level delicious cocktail!

With so many vegan alternatives to dairy cream and milk, there is no need to miss out on classic cocktails like the white Russian. Whether you use vegan heavy cream or vegan half and half like The Dude from Big Lebowski, you’re bound to enjoy this vegan white Russian recipe.

White Russian Ratio

How you drink a white Russian is totally up to you. A traditional white Russian is pretty strong, using a 1:1:1 ratio of vodka to coffee liqueur to cream. But if you prefer something that won’t get you sloshed after 2 drinks, you could try 1:1:3. You can also use only 1/2 oz of vodka and 1/2 oz of coffee liqueur.

If you want a weaker cocktail, try making the white Russian as the instructions say, and then top it off with some plant milk, like coconut milk or almond milk.

Having had my fair share of white Russians, I assure you that whatever ratio you use, it’s going to be just as creamy and delicious as any other. Pick a cute glass, make this dairy free cocktail and drink responsibly!

Stirring a white Russian with a silver spoon.

Is Kahlua Vegan?

No, Kahlua is not vegan-friendly. The company explicitly states on their website that Kahlua liqueur is not suitable for vegans, but is suitable for vegetarians. One of the main ingredients contains milk protein.

What Coffee Liqueur Should I Use?

Depending on your dietary preferences and needs, you can use Kamora Coffee Liqueur, which is vegan, or Kahlua, though it is not vegan friendly or dairy free. These seem to be the only two options for coffee liqueur here in Canada, so you can always browse the shelves of your local liquor store and use any coffee liqueur you see.


More about the ingredients in this recipe. The exact measurements are below.

  • Vodka – Smirnoff is my go to Vodka although you can use any kind that you have.
  • Coffee liqueur Options include Kamora, which is a vegan coffee liqueur, or Kahlua which is not vegan.
  • Plant based cream – You can use plant based coffee cream or plant based heavy cream. I like to Silk Half and Half Oat and Coconut Creamer.
  • Large ice cubes


  • Store your vodka in the freezer for extra chilliness. Due to the sugar content in coffee liqueur, don’t store it in the freezer. You could pop it in the freezer for an hour or two at most.

Grab a rocks glass and fill it with 3-4 large ice cubes.

Adding vodka to glass.

Add the vodka.

Adding coffee liqueur to glass.

Add the coffee liqueur.

Pouring cream into glass.

Pour the vegan cream over top. You can add more or less depending on your personal preference.

Stirring a white russian.

Give it a stir with a spoon and enjoy.

Dairy free white Russian on a wooden board.

Tips for making vegan white Russians

  • Flavoured vodka: Personalize your white Russian cocktail by using flavoured vodkas, such as salted caramel vodka or candy cane vodka for a festive twist.
  • Use a cocktail shaker: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker to make an extra cold beverage.
  • Try rimming the glass with sugar, cocoa powder or decorate the glass with chocolate syrup.
  • A white Russian is typically served in a rocks glass, also known as an old fashioned glass. It is a short straight glass.

What to serve with white Russian cocktails

When you’re engaging in alcoholic consumption, it’s important to pace yourself and to consume water and food as well.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of iced water between each cocktail!

If you’re having an appetizer and drinks party, try vegan spanakopita or spanakopita spring rolls (vegetarian). These are perfect for balancing the sweetness of the cocktail.

For gatherings like a Christmas Eve party, serve some festive desserts. Try chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate hazelnut tartlets or your favourite cookies.


  • This recipe is vegan!
  • Instead of using regular vodka, try a flavoured version, like salted caramel vodka for a salted caramel white Russian.
  • Vegan cream: I suggest using unsweetened vegan cream meant for coffee, but you can also use various plant milks like cashew milk or almond milk, or even coconut cream. These ingredients may alter the taste of the white Russian though.
  • This recipe caters to multiple dietary preferences, but make sure to double check all ingredients for each product used to make sure they fit into your dietary needs.


Store the vodka in the freezer for extra chilliness. Due to the sugar content in the coffee liqueur, do not store it in the freezer. The texture will change significantly. If you want it to be extra cold though, you could pop it into the freezer for an hour or two at most.

Make the white Russians as needed or if you’re having a holiday party you could make a large batch, omitting the ice cubs, and store it in a container in the fridge to serve as needed. This could make things easier if you’ll be busy.

Top down view of white russian on wooden board.


Is Kahlua vegan?

No, Kahlua is not vegan, it even says so on its website. Kahlua coffee liqueur contains milk protein.

What is a vegan alternative to Kahlua?

Kamora coffee liqueur is a popular vegan alternative to Kahlua.

How do you make a dairy free white Russian?

Simply use dairy-free cream instead of dairy based cream. Some options are oat creamer, cashew creamer or coconut cream.

Can I use soy milk instead of cream in a white russian?

Absolutely. Plant milk is a great alternative to dairy based cream for white Russians, but you may want to use plant based cream for a thicker consistency.

Dairy free white russian square image.

Dairy Free White Russian

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Author: Erika Piper
Vodka and coffee liqueur swirled with dairy-free cream. Sweet, creamy, coffee-flavoured, and entirely vegan, what's not to love about this timeless holiday cocktail?
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Servings 1


  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 3 oz dairy free cream I recommend oat or cashew based cream
  • 3-4 Ice cubes


  • Fill a glass with ice cubes and add the vodka and coffee liqueur. Add the cream and gently stir with a spoon.



Nutritional information may vary based on your choice of dairy free cream.
Enjoy a refreshing glass of ice water between each cocktail!
Personalize your white Russians by using flavoured vodka.
Store the vodka in the freezer for extra chilliness. Do not store coffee liqueur in the freezer, it will alter the texture.
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker to make an extra cold beverage.


Serving: 5ozCalories: 209kcalCarbohydrates: 22gProtein: 1gFat: 1gFiber: 1gSugar: 20gVitamin A: -1IU
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